Collision Research Associates is a collision investigation and reconstruction firm specializing in the professional investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions.

Collision Research Associates (CRA) is a collision investigation and reconstruction firm specializing in the collection, analysis and expert interpretation of the factual data found in motor vehicle collisions. CRA provides services ranging from preliminary case analysis to final demonstrative evidence and courtroom presentation.  We work closely with loss claims representatives, attorneys, judges and juries and are experienced with state and local transportation agencies as well as clients on the national and international levels.  We also have extensive expert witness and trial experience for defense and plaintiff cases.  At CRA, we guarantee a professional, tailored collision research and reconstruction service.

2700 Earl Rudder Freeway South Suite 4500

College Station, Texas 77845

(800) 347-9462 or (979) 696-6531

Collision Research Associates is owned by Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction Expert, James R. Lock.

James R. Lock, Texas A&M University Class of ‘87, started CRA in College Station, TX in 1991. He has continuously been involved in motor vehicle collision investigation and reconstruction analysis of roadway safety and vehicle dynamics for over 40 years and nearly 4,000 collision investigations. He has also taught traffic collision investigation and reconstruction to hundreds of engineers and police officers all around the world.

Furthermore, James has significant experience in litigation related activities, both on the state and federal levels, and pertaining to collision reconstruction, driver behavior and control, vehicle failure analysis, and tire-pavement interaction. He has served as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice, various State DOTs, private corporations, insurance groups, trucking companies, and defense and plaintiff attorney groups.

James has continuously owned and ridden motorcycles for 47 years. At the present time he is down to four regularly ridden bikes.

Faro 3D Scanner used for collision investigations

State of the Art Technology

Professional grade Nikon photography equipment used for collision investigations

Meticulous and Comprehensive Analysis

Professionally prepared diagrams

Clear and Detail-Oriented Presentations

Personalized and Dedicated Service