Collision Research Associates (CRA) provides clients with top-level collision investigation and reconstruction services and clear results through specialized focus on:


  • State of the Art Technology
  • Meticulous and Comprehensive Analysis
  • Clear and Detail-Oriented Presentations
  • Personalized and Dedicated Service


We offer a wealth of experience, professionalism and a reputation for honesty, integrity and deadline-driven service.  

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State of the Art Technology

CRA continually invests in state of the art technology in order to produce the highest quality, highest accuracy presentable evidence in the field.  We offer complete investigative services, accurate and scientifically-based speed calculations, crush analysis and EDR downloads for passenger vehicles and heavy trucks, as well as GPS tracking review, and case integration.

Advanced digital photography and video is captured using professional-grade, full-frame Nikon digital camera bodies and lenses.  Our investigative professionals are well-versed in the use of Top Con high-accuracy surveying equipment and the FARO 3D forensic scanner, top-of-the-line tools that allow us to create detailed, scanned models of accident scenes and vehicles as well as highly-detailed 3D animations.  When paired with decades of experience, these evidentiary tools allow us to produce premium-quality photographic and documentary evidence for our clients and their presentations – the best possible with current technology.


Meticulous and Comprehensive Analysis

CRA provides meticulous and comprehensive analyses of all relevant collision factors.  Whether the case requires a basic evidentiary review, a partial analysis or a complete reconstruction and presentation, the team is equipped to investigate all factors and provide a detailed collision event sequence, further facilitating case preparation for our clients.

We can accurately determine whether a collision was influenced by human visibility factors, weather conditions, roadway design and geometrics, or lighting, to name a few factors.  Whether the collision involves heavy trucks, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians or cyclists, we employ the latest in technology combined with cutting edge techniques in order to provide a complete and thorough investigation and analysis.  Our diligence and attention to detail provides clients with the information and tools necessary to understand and present a clear and accurate reconstruction.


Clear and Detail-Oriented Presentations

Through the use of state of the art technology, and experience-and-expertise-driven analysis, CRA produces high-accuracy, clear and detail-oriented presentations.  After conducting our complete investigation or review, we employ cutting-edge techniques in order to create exact and detailed 3D models of vehicles, roadways and any other collision evidence necessary for the reconstruction presentation required.  A few examples include: detailed evidence diagrams, HD video reenactments, top-quality 3D scans of the road surface and involved vehicles, or high-detail computer animations.   Our high-resolution photography and high-definition video offer accurate visual evidence with the added benefits of being visually impressive and easy to understand.  

At CRA, we know that the smallest of details can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.  In addition to excellent documentary and presentational evidence, our decades of experience also allow us to provide our clients reliable and fully-prepared professional expert testimony as required.


Heavy Trucks and Commercial Motor Vehicles


Collision Research Associates is able to complete commercial motor vehicle and heavy truck inspections, downloads and data evaluations for investigations resulting from a crash. This includes but is not limited to: 3D scans, measurements, high quality photography, heavy truck ECM downloads, benchtop ECM downloads, air brake system inspection and testing, and data evaluation of fleet management solutions, including but not limited to retained dash camera footage and truck telemetry data. Furthermore, CRA conducts heavy truck performance testing and documentation for the creation of case exhibits.

CRA and James Lock have investigated and been the designated expert in transportation cases and crashes involving all manner of commercial motor vehicles, heavy trucks, semi-tractors, semi-trailers, tanker trailers, oversize loads, specialized equipment, mobile oil field equipment, fork lifts and other heavy vehicles.


Personalized and Dedicated Service

As a small and privately owned company, CRA takes pride in providing personalized and dedicated service.  Our expert investigators and reconstructionists maintain a high level of training and proficiency in the fields of accident reconstruction and its niche technology, and boast a combined experience of nearly 60 years in the field.

We have worked with clients throughout the nation and around the world.  Our familiarity with diverse environments and willingness to travel for clients make for a service tailored specifically to the needs of each client and case.  We have completed nearly 4,000 collision investigations, allowing us to offer our clients a wealth of experience and knowledge from which to draw and inform our work on each new case.